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Starting your own Cyber Security Services Co: Interaction with Chiranshu Ahuja

September 11, 2017

Chiranshu Ahuja, CEO and President of CR Risk Advisory Services, left his corporate job in 2014 to explore his fortune in cyber security entrepreneurship.

Data Security Council of India interacted with Chiranshu on his experience of setting up security services company. In the interaction, he delved into his past to reveal us what it takes to set up your own security company. His experience gives us the glimpse of security market ecosystem in the country. He comments on Indian security buyers and tells that foreign market especially middle east and the US are much open to working with small, but niche companies. His company earns most of the revenue in foreign market, which Chiranshu believes would change little bit as market in India is opening up. He believes that the demand of security services is still to satisfy compliance mandate than addressing real risks.

Cyber Security industry building is a key mandate and focus of DSCI. Chiranshu throws some light on how the industry is evolving and what is the scope for small niche service providers in that.