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Privacy Profession: Climbing Many Ladders at a Time

January 11, 2016

Companies are hiring professionals to help them decode the challenges related with data collection and privacy. Customers are lobbying behind organizations to be more transparent in the way their information is managed and secured. Regulatory bodies are also realizing the need to provide adequate protection to consumers to safeguard their privacy. This raises many questions for enterprises and individuals around the privacy as profession. This session discusses all the aspects for privacy profession from Drivers, Skills required, Curriculum, Certifications to Job roles and Salaries for the privacy professionals. Original session was recorded on 16-December-2015.

Mr. Trevor Hughes, CEO, IAPP (via Skype),  Prof. Ponnurangam K., IIIT Delhi, Mr. Satyanandan A., Associate VP–Risk Management & Data Privacy Officer, Bharti AXA General Insurance, Mr. Rakshit Dhamija, CISO & Director – IT Admn., iGate Global Solutions participated in this discussion. This discussion was moderated by Mr. Mr. Abhishek Bansal, Principal Consultant, DSCI in Annual Information Security Summit, 2015.

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