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Exploring the contours of Cyber Security Industry Building

October 11, 2017

This podcast focusses on the potential, Cyber Security offers in terms of industry development. In the current scenario, organizations across the globe are cashing in on the opportunity of building innovative products and services and exporting them to different geographies. Also, investment into R&D has increased substantially. Trends like these and more are shaping the industry development agenda. The NASSCOM Cyber Security growth roadmap report pegs the industry to be worth USD 35 billion by the year 2025.


A focussed, dedicated and dynamic approach is imperative to accomplish this vision. Global firms are setting up their IT/ Cyber Security subsidiaries in India (also called GICs), indigenous security product companies are developing niche solutions, leading security firms are setting up their R&D bases in the country. It is vital to study all such tracks of industry development and propel actions in each.


It is also time to step up collaboration between Industry, academia and government by virtue of establishing Cyber Security clusters that will be working dedicatedly on the industry building agenda. This session was hosted in Best Practices Meet 2017. Click here to know more:


The points discussed herein are:

  • Role of commercialization, technology transfer, innovation and co-creation
  • The latest trends, developments and initiatives in terms of Cyber Security Industry Development – How to consolidate this further?
  • Analysing the key tracks of Industry building and the imperatives of each.
  • Bottlenecks – Can Industry, Government and academia come together?
  • Feasibility of having Cyber Security clusters in the country


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