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Design for devices, things, contexts & personal preferences

January 17, 2017

Rampant movement of digitization is pushing imaginations of product designers to all new sort of devices emerging and things that are getting on the Internet. The contexts of customer, which are increasingly available in the form of digital records, are attracting the attention of designers. The ideas of “designing for commute” are being experimented by various sectors; finance sector is leading among them. Possible efforts are made for designing and providing experiences to the customer as per their preferences. In the process, systems are increasingly getting open. Increasing number of devices are participating in executing the transactions. Operations and protocols driving things are getting exposed to the external world. Tremendous amount of personal data is made available and exchanged for taking business decisions. Underlying core applications are being retrofitted for supporting this innovation. This is opening up the otherwise closed systems to multiple possibilities of attacks. Apart from their exposure to contemporary attacks, they are creating avenues for specially crafted targeted attacks.

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