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Biometrics driving digitization & inclusion

February 3, 2017

With Increased digitization of banking services, growth in the biometrics market in BSFI sector seems inevitable. The increased use of smart devices and smartphones and tablets have led a digital reformation of the banking sector. The BFSI sector is one of the prominent users of portable devices for digital payments and cashless financial transactions. With the growing transaction volumes and the introduction of new digital payment solutions, the banking sector is challenged with the need to keep the magnitude of fraudulent activities low, without compromising on the convenience of the customers. 

On one hand this is expected to widen the net of financial inclusion, on the other, it is also suspected to engender some credible Cyber Security challenges. A biometric system is vulnerable to a variety of attacks aimed at undermining the integrity of the authentication process. These attacks are intended to either circumvent the security afforded by the system or to deter the normal functioning of the system. Circumvention, Denial of Service, Collusion, repudiation among others are some of the key challenges that need focussed attention of the Security community of the country.

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