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Big Hacks…Imagining the extent of damage in connected public infrastructure

January 17, 2017

Cybercriminals are focusing on public infrastructure to disrupt services and cause mayhem as new targets are emerging and expanding throughout the world. The difficulty of estimating the actual cost of damages from a cyber-attack adds complexity to planning for critical infrastructure protection. The effect on public infrastructure could be a power outage, like we saw last year in Ukraine. Or, it could be something more serious like a Chernobyl-style catastrophe at a nuclear plant

Security of Public Infrastructure in the Age of IoT and Ransomware

Critical infrastructure such as electric and water utilities are being temporarily shut down as ransomware plagues corporate systems, causing hours of downtime. The health industry has also fallen victim to these cyber-extortion techniques. The risks go beyond operability, financial losses and credibility. Cyberattacks on industrial systems can cross the line into threatening human lives.

Companies spend a disproportionate amount on prevention, and that leaves nothing for dealing with detection and response after there's a breach. With Gartner predicting 6.4 billion connected devices by the end of this year, and upward of 21 billion connected devices by 2020, the risk of a hacker attacking public infrastructure will only get worse with time.

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