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Beyond Firewalls - New Age Risk Management Solutions

August 28, 2017

Beyond Firewalls- The Risk Management Solutions

This podcast discusses an interesting topic of what can be beyond firewalls to secure the cyber world. In the light of recent cyberattacks, it is eminent that we need security layers apart from basic anti-viruses and firewalls. That’s when cyber insurance comes to rescue!

The market for cyber insurance across the globe is rapidly evolving. Adoption of cyber insurance is gaining traction rapidly, given rapid advancement in cyber security threat landscape and increasing cyberattacks such as ransomware on the organizations.

Cyber insurance not only helps curb losses through liability transfer but also helps in promoting adoption of preventive measures in return for more coverage and motivate to implement best practices as premiums are determined based on the level of protection.

The coverage and scope of cyber insurance, and various scenarios on how it could be invoked was discussed by participants in Best Practices Meet 2017. Visit link to know more: