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AISS 2019 – Shaping the Summit

September 24, 2019

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The Annual Information Security Summit has had the privilege of being touted as a truly Industry led Cyber Security conference which considers the breadth as well as the depth of the Cyber Security ecosystem of the country and beyond. This year, we shall be hosting the fourteenth edition of the Summit which is slated for 3rd, 4th & 5th December 2019 at Gurugram and which shall draw upon the expertise, experience and curiosity of thought leaders, trailblazers, influencers, practitioners, enthusiasts, knowledge seekers and contributors from across the board. AISS agenda is typically characterized by presence of a diverse set of themes, sub themes, topics and sub-topics, multiple tracks, varied session formats and plethora of activities and experiences that make up for a rich three-day engagement and learning for the delegates. This time around, the deliberations shall entail broad sub themes of Digital Enterprises, Cloud Security, Hardware Security, Product Security, Threat Hunting & Intelligence, Malware Analysis and Forensics, Network Security, Privacy Design, Cyber Defence Centres, Technology Stack, Containerization, National Security, Capacity Building & Collaborations, Security for Industrial Control Systems et. al.
In addition to taking a deep dive into the technical facets and dimensions of the discipline, AISS would also be acting as a launchpad and platform for meaningful networking, focussed meetings, curated delegations, special connects and novel initiatives.
The Summit shall also be hosting the ninth edition of the Excellence Awards which have been celebrating the noteworthy contributions of individuals and organizations to the subject and profession of Cyber Security & Data Protection.

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